Dr. John Muhoho

Director, Board of Postgraduate Studies

Welcome Message

Postgraduate Directorate since its inception has flourished in a well-engrained culture of developing and moulding well-grounded, value-driven graduates who are impactful and able to navigate organizations in the current turbulent, sophisticated and competitive economic and global environments. The values engrained in our graduates enable them to be resilient and strategic in bringing forth sustainable and dynamic organizations.

Our postgraduate programmes are crafted and delivered to produce graduates for global service, who are well grounded and truly professional and keen not only on the bottom-line aspects of organizations but also the frontline line aspects. We challenge our graduates to step out from the confines of their roles and exploit opportunities presented by the ever-changing environment by empowering them with appropriate technological and innovative skills. We are research driven by practice and delivery of our postgraduate programmes.

In all our postgraduate programmes that are on offer, research is given a key focus not only in class but also on the highlights placed on the research output. This is the reason why St. Paul’s University is not only among the global leaders on matters innovation and research but also known for producing renowned leaders who are conscious on matters integrity.