The Research Directorate seeks to build research capacity among scholars and contribute towards  initiatives focused on society's sustainable development at large. 


Research is perceived to be an invaluable asset in acquisition of knowledge among scholars not only for academic progression but also contribution towards society's development at large. In this regard, the Research Directorate was established to facilitate realization of the University's Mission: Develop Servant Leaders by Imparting Knowledge, Skills and Values through Creative Methods of Education, Research and Christian Spiritual Formation.

The Research Directorate seeks to build research capacity among scholars and contribute towards society's development at large. This is realised through:

  • Facilitation of research conferences, workshops and symposia in partnership with Government institutions, corporates and professionals in various fields.
  • Organizing publication of scholarly work in reputable journals.
  • Organizing of training sessions facilitated by experienced researchers.
  • Securing research grants for scholars.

Through management's support, several scholars have undertaken research projects in several disciplines including but not limited to Development, Public Health, Climate and Development, Theology, Communication Studies and Leadership.

St. Paul's University is a member of the Inter-University Sustainable Development Research Programme (IUSDRP), a consortium with membership drawn from Universities and Research Institutions in Europe, China, Africa and the United States of America, that undertakes research to advance sustainable development globally. The consortium organizes conferences and symposia annually that bring together reputable scholars, scientists and policy makers to address critical global sustainability challenges. These forums provide opportunities for mentoring postgraduate students who share their research, and receive feedback from renowned world-class scientists. The directorate has participated in Publication on Climate change courtesy of the consortium.

The directorate has also partnered with Annual American Association of Geographers (AAG, Ministry of Health of Kenya - Nursing Directorate, National Nursing Association of Kenya (NNAK, Nursing Council of Kenya (NCK, MBF’s Mary K Center for Global Nursing Development and the Christian Health Association of Kenya (CHAK); and is part of the National Nursing and Midwifery Research Panel (RAP).