SPU Hosts Handong Unitwin Fellowship Professors

Following a long-term collaboration with South Korea’s Handong University, St. Paul’s University hosted a team of professors courtesy of the Handong Unitwin Fellowship on Tuesday 1st February 2024 for an OCW Seminar,

Faculty Workshop, Startup Ideation Camp and Campus Tour. The delegation comprised of Dr. Byungdeok Kang -HUF’s Director, the team comprised of Dr. Sungho Kwon - Professional Consultant in Instructional Design and Educational Technology, Ms. Haelin and Ms. Eunhye –Coordinators.

The eventful day kicked off with the OCW Seminar. Facilitated by Dr. Kang, the participants not only gained insight on the Fellowship but also engaged in meaningful discussions with their colleagues and South Korean counterparts. Thereafter, the professors were taken around the campus by Dr. John Muhoho, the Postgraduate Studies Director. State-of-the-art facilities - spacious classrooms well fitted with ergonomic desks, projectors, LED screens and 5 G internet connectivity to facilitate virtual learning; ultra-modern computer labs and communication TV and Radio studios; virtual campus; well-equipped Bishop Okullu Memorial Library; well manicured gardens; home-away-from home accommodation; ultra-modern students' center fitted with a gym, amphitheater, cyber cafes, salons, indoor game facilities; a field, Chapel and hospitable staff - characterized the brief tour of the campus.

With a clear picture of the notable transformation since their last visit in 2011, the professors proceeded to the Faculty Workshop facilitated by Dr. Sungho Kwon. Participants took home an array of invaluable skills on Future Professional Competencies and the Evolving Role of Professors, New Technologies and How to adapt to the changing era, problem-based learning, high-touch support, effect design, planning, delivering, and assessing online learning.

Their visit to timely since virtual learning is the 'new norm' at SPU anchored on the tag line Learning Simplified! Furthermore, this is one of the capacity building initiatives that contribute towards realization of the 2016-2025 Strategic Plan, hence sustainability of the University. It is one of the fruits bore through partnership with Handong University and more are yet to be realized in the coming days.