Presentation of Seminars since January to August 2012

Research Seminar 23rd August 2012 Prof. Gerard Grudzen Critical Issues in Inter-religious Dialogue
Research Project Proposal 17th July 2012 Prof. Abdulkader Tayob Religious Leadership in East Africa among Christian Evangelists and Muslim Reformists
PhD Research proposal 22nd May 2012 Rev Roland Van Es Theological Vision and Student Satisfaction: A Theological Assessment of the Quality of Saint Paul BD Programme,2005-2012
Research Paper 10th May 2012 Rev Willem Jansen “ From Dialogue to Diapraxis” A Search for a Quranic hermeneutical foundation for Joint Christian-Muslim Social Action in Kenya’s Context: An Essay in Honour of Rev Dr Peter Ford Jr.
Research Paper 10th May 2012 Dr Muhammed Mraja Is Cordial Christian-Muslim Relations in Kenya Possible? Some Reflections on the Intellectual Engagements of Rev Dr Peter Ford.
Research Paper 10th May 2012 Mr Hassan Kinyua Islamic Leadership in Kenya and Its Contribution to Interfaith Dialogue: A Case Study of Supkem
Research Paper 10th May 2012 Fati Akdogan The Gulem Inspired Schools and their Contribution to Christian-Muslim Relations in Nairobi
Research Project 19th April 2012 Rev Joseph Wandera

Religious Revival in East Africa: A Comparative examination of Ali Muhsin al Barwani ( 1919-2006) and Prophet David Awuor

Research Project 29th March 2012 Mr  Evans Karanja, Pius Nyaaga and Kennedy Waweru Business Process Re-Engineering: Adoption of Consolidated Methodology in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems.
PhD proposal 15th March 2012 Mr Moses Muthinja The adoption and Application of the Israeli Venture Capital Policy in the Kenyan economic Policy framework to achieve  Kenya’s Vision 2030
Research Paper 13th March 2012 Dr Mutuma Ruteere “ Terrorism, War and the Future of Human Rights in a Multi Cultural Society”
Research Paper 10th Feb 2012 Rev Dr Peter Ford  The End of Jesus’ Mission and the Honour of God in the Quran: The Search for Common Ground between Muslims and Christians

Research Paper

26th January 2012 Rev Dr Diphus  Chosefu Chemorion The Mission of Christian founded Universities in Kenya


Rev CB Peters 7th February 2013   “The Spatial Turn in Theology” (On-going PhD research)
Rev Helen Jansen 25th October 2012   “Kenyan Women’s Lived Christologies for Liberative gender relations”  (  On-going PhD Research )
Rev Ndayitere Olivier  7th February 2013   “Anti Religious Violence and Dialogue: Challenges and   Opportunities in the Post Genocide Context of Rwanda”  On-going PhD Research )
Dr Halkano Abdi  18th March 2013   “Printing Knowlegde Informing the Ummah: Historical and Contextual Analysis of Kenya’s Friday’s Bulletin” (Post.Doctoral Research with Bayreuth University,hosted by SPU)
Dr Elizabeth Koepping  18th April 2013 “Text and Context; Domestic Violence in Christian Communities”(On-going research at the University of Edinburgh on Domestic Violence in East Africa,)
Dr Calvin B. Dewitt   25th April 2013 

“Biblical Foundations for Stewardship of God’s Creation”



Prof Peter Anyang Nyong 8th November 2012  “The Politicization of Ethnic Identities and the Common Good”
Rev Canon Gideon Byamugisha  18th April 2013  “ Religion, Activism and Socio-Economic Development in Africa”.
D.C. Chemorion   Bible Translation as Purposeful Communication: One Word, Many Version
Rev Dr. John Hughes (visitorship at St Paul's and Chaplain, Jesus College, Cambridge).   Beyond Identity Politics and Empty Universalism: Christian Engagement in Public Life 


These research papers are copyrighted and can only be used if the author is acknowledged.

  • Report on the Faculty Research Seminars
  • Compiled SPILL Research Abstracts
  • Being Anglican in a Liturgically Ecumenical Setting - A case study from Kenya
  • Women's participation in CBO's development activities as a strategy for community development
  • Abstracts of Recent reseach in the area of HIV & AIDS by the MA - SPILL Students


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