Staff Treated to a Mental Health Awareness Training

In the recent past, many ills bedeviling society especially the work force are traced to mental health. In is against this back drop that the Human Resource Department through the Office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor Finance and Administration found it fit

to organize a mental health awareness training. Held on Tuesday, 14th May 2024, the training was facilitated by representatives from CIC Medical Insurance in conjunction with the Chiromo Hospital Group. The meeting kicked off at 9.00 am with participants - St. Paul's University staff acquainting themselves with the trainers and the day's exercise. Thereafter, Dr. Kate Muthoni from CIC Insurance led the training session that was coupled with break-out sessions convened by mental health professionals, who demystified the subject leaving no stone unturned.

The session was well attended with staff from Limuru Campus attending physically at the Central Administration Building Restaurant, while their Nairobi, Nakuru and Machakos Liaison Office counterparts joined on the virtual platform. The staff expressed their gratitude to the HR department for organizing such an insightful session while reflecting on details of the day's topic in relation to their day-to-day activities.