SPU Hosts the Six Anglican Women Bishops in Africa

2024 is undoubtedly a great year for the St. Paul's University SPU fraternity! In a rare yet much coveted occasion, SPU host the six Anglican Women Bishops courtesy of partnership between SPU and the Africa Anglican Sisters Journeying Together.

The Bishop's two-day say at the university was not in vain. The #Africasix: Rt. Rev. Dalsy from Eswatini, Rt. Rev. Vincentia from Lesotho, Rt. Rev. Elizabeth from South Sudan, Rt. Rev. Philomena from Mozambique and Angola, Rt. Rev. Rose Okeno from Butere and Rt. Rev. Emily Onyango from Bondo fellowshipped with the SPU community during chapel services, shared insight on various themes, exchanged pleasantries and dined together.