Senior Clergy Converge for a Conference on Emerging Technologies

The advent of Technology and subsequent influx of emerging technologies in our day-to-day lives, Climate Change, Scientific interventions and other emerging aspects have not only occasioned varied views from different factions of society but also affected lives significantly. As a result, individuals and organizations across

the globe have taken steps in gaining in-depth knowledge of these technologies, their application in various contexts, benefits accrued and pitfalls. Faith based organizations and religious leaders in keeping with their calling, have equally not been left behind in addressing this subject. Failure in staying abreast with technological trends would deter the Clergy from fulfilling their God given responsibility.

It is in light of this that Equipping Christian Leadership in the Age of Science (ECLAS)- Africa hosted a two-day conference themed “Church Response to Emerging Technologies in 21st Century”. Hosted in partnership with ECLAS-UK, the conference brought together Top Christian leaders, Theologians, Scientists, Religious organizations and Researchers from Africa and UK led by Steve Muneza and Olivia Rathbone, of ECLAS UK and Rev. Prof. Diphus Chemorion of ECLAS- Africa.

Anchored on Amos 5:8, the conference focused on these four main topics: Artificial Intelligence, Raising Boy Child in the Age of Science, Climate Change, Biotechnology and Biomedical Engineering. The participants engaged in discourses that whose output was:

  1. Advocacy and a communique that will inform discussion, and decision making on Science and Religion in Kenya and by extension in Africa.
  2. Inform the area of national research on religion and science that will influence policy on Science and Religion.